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About Conscious

Conscious is an Actor, a Division 1 Basketball player, she holds a Bachelors Science degree in Electrical Engineering and will graduate in 2014 with a Master's Degree in Network Communications Management. She is the self published author of the legendary book “Getting Unstuck (Girl to Girl you can be, infected Indeed)” that went from selling out of boxes on the streets of New York City in the Village in 2000 (in West 4th St playground) to a Showtime Film option, then to her stage play “Getting Unstuck Homeless to Hollywood an American Dream”, Executive produced by Troy Carter (Lady Gaga's Manager).

Conscious holds a position as an IT Applications Support Engineer, she is a native of Harlem New York currently residing in Los Angeles California and Miami Florida. She began a career in television at Broadcast News Network (BNN) in New York City, before serving as Music Manager for the Queen Latifah Show. She then went on to host Oxygen Media’s talk show She-Commerce.

Her television career was preceded by a stint as a bodyguard for celebrities. Her security and body guard work was showcased at famous New York nightclubs such as The Palladium, The Tunnel, The Limelight, and Club Speed where she managed to nail bodyguard gigs for Mark Wahlberg, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, DMX, and Aaliyah.

Conscious is a popular national speaker on subjects of HIV/ AIDS, and recovery. Her self published book Getting Unstuck went from selling out of boxes on the streets of New York City in the Village to Hollywood Options to gaining national and international distribution.

She is the CEO of The Getting Unstuck Project inc., an organization dedicated to providing educational materials via, plays, speeches, and films that educate people on the ways to "getunstuck" from the behaviors that put them at risk for HIV/AIDS infection.

Getting Unstuck is available at all major bookstore chains in the USA, and internationally in Amsterdam, England, Germany and Australia.

About The 1 Woman Show

Her Brother, Troy Carter (Singer Lady Gaga’s manager) Produced and launched her one woman show. This multimedia show that is scored to some of the most popular industry music sets the tone for each part of the story told in her monologue. Conscious gives a live rendition of the Getting Unstuck Book that shocked 100's of thousands with the truth about Male to Female to Female HIV infection, incest, child molestation and her ability to overcome this all and become successful in Hollywood.

In this play she shares the short film Getting Unstuck as a snapshot of her childhood played by her daughter Mahelet Soden. Mahelet delivers a riveting performance channeling her mother's (Conscious) childhood and capturing the repressed memories of what Conscious regains in her conversations with her therapist 25 year later. This 1 woman show is universal and unites all who attend on a common ground. There is something for everyone in this 1 woman show. Its amazing. See the trailer on

About the book

Getting Unstuck, the stellar debut by author Conscious, masterfully transports readers through the real life of one woman and her quest towards self-discovery.

Told through intimate conversations between Conscious and her therapist Allan at a drug rehabilitation center in upstate New York.

Getting Unstuck retells Conscious’ extraordinary true story of tragedy and triumph. In bold, raw, and in depth detail, Conscious tackles a past that included issues of repressed memory, child sexual abuse, drug abuse, and contracting HIV from a woman, serving as a wake up call to the world. This inspirational story is a testament to individual strength and sheer will to succeed despite adversity.

The book has been hailed as the Urban Spectrum's 2002 book of the year and in 2009 Conscious was presented with the prestigious GMHC/LAP award for "Leadership in challenging the invisibility of WSW in the HIV epidemic."


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