Now shooting the ONE Woman Show H2H in the studio its just you me and the camera in your living room no audience all adrenaline- - pre-sales, $20

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 Photos by Andre Photography


This the 3rd year performing this wonderful show.

I have a story that will inspire every fiber of your body. In this One Woman Show is a hilarious story filled with hysterical family secrets we all have in common..

But its not your typical one woman show about wrong choices and closed doors, but instead its a one woman show filled with forgiveness of the people who created chaos in my life, exposed me to things no child should be exposed to, and abused me beyond reconciliation..or so they thought.

A child interrupted, temporarily-only to eventually give birth to my road to HIV, to Hollywood success, the Queen Latifah Show, Oxygen Media, Oprah Winfrey's backyard, how I got my Electrical Engineering degree despite all odds, and how the result of me accepting the gift of forgiveness from my therapist Allan set me free to open my channels to a road of infinite fantastic emotional freedom.

I promise that you will walk away with more than you came with.



Previous shows:

New York City June 21, 2012 Off Broadway - Standing Ovation!!

New York City June 21, 2010 Cherry Lane Theaters- 2 weekends sold out- Standing Ovation!

Austin Texas 2012

Washington DC sold out 2012

Dominican Republic sold out 2011

Miami Florida sold out 3 times 2010, 2011

Los Angeles sold out 2011, 2011, 2012, 2013

Philadelphia sold out 2011

Florida International University sold out 2010

Florida Memorial University sold out 2010

Cal State Dominguez Full House 2012

 World Cafe Live Philadelphia - sold out 2013

 Miami Theater Center - Standing Ovation 2014 - April 19th

 Miami Theater Center - May 10th 2014